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Click here for the INSTRUCTION SHEET & 3 Letters to make all this work very easy for you. Please read the INSTRUCTION SHEET first before you get into the letter series so this will all make sense for you. It's all laid out very simply to where it will work like a lark with no problem. You and I need to talk just a little bit so we can tailor the 3 letters exactly to your list instead of saying 'on my list', we need to be a little bit more specific. So we will need to talk a bit about that.

And remember, my whole thrust is to help create additional value for the people in your data base and/or customers/distributors!

Click here for the STEP BY STEP method to walk you through how this all works for you.

Let me know what else you might need and you may call my personal toll free number if you wish 1-800-325-3438 or the local number 386-441-4487.


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