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There are 2 major concerns we address in the Networking Community:

  1. Give lots of Added Value for when the Member/Distributor signs up in your organization

  2. Keep Attrition to a Minimum
  3. And these are the 2 areas we will be addressing in our MLM Joint Venture

    Click here for the MLM Joint Venture Proposal to make all this work very easy for you. Please read it before we communicate either on the phone or by email so we can focus on our next step. I want to walk you through it so when we do communicate; you'll be more familiar with what the whole MLM Joint Venture Proposal is all about and how it is going to truly benefit you and your company.

    I would encourage you to print out a copy of this 15 page document and get in your favorite easy chair and really digest this file as it's that powerful and I don't want you to miss out on any of the special details outlined in the document. I know how I am when I read things on line. I tend to skim over some important issues and miss out on some good stuff. And this way there are no distractions to take you away from completely understanding what's really here for you.

    This has worked like a lark many times before and there is no reason why it can't work for you when we both put our heads together and tweak the strategy to suit your organization's structure.

    Oh by the way, maybe the vacation incentive is not feasible right now for you so we can always glaze over that. But so help me I would think that that would be a huge incentive for your organization to really kick back in a new momentum once again.

    Plus we can always make it a special incentive while tweaking it to your existing downline to help the ones who are not really doing as you would expect them to at the beginning of their sign up days to motivate them to new levels. We can always talk about that as well.

    Let me know what else you might need and you may call my personal toll free number if you wish 1-800-325-3438.

    OK, so click here for a STEP BY STEP method to walk you through how this all works very easy and simple for you.


    Joint Venture Titles


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