"1 ½ Day Fundraiser"

Give me 9 Hours and I will show you

“How to Get Well then Stay Well for Life!”

"Are you dying to live or living to die?"

1 ½ Day Six 90-Minute “Maximum Health” Live Event's

This NEW and Amazingly Simple Science of Ultra-Prevention helps you Live an Active and Age-Defying Life by making Small, Healthy Lifestyle Changes that Ward Off Sickness and Disease.

When wealth is lost, something is lost.
When honor is lost, much is lost.
But when health is lost, all is lost!

Healthy People have lots of goals
Unhealthy People only have 1 goal!

-----Break Your Date with Death-----

Old age doesn't cause sickness. If that was true, then everyone who was old would be sick and we know that's just not true!

“Maximum Health”

It's so much easier to Stay Well than to Get Well!

Now you can live your MAXIMUM number of years — 
Healthy and Pain-Free!

Health IS Wealth and That IS the Bottom Line
… End of Story

Hello, I'm Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering.

I'm a Nutritional Performance Coach, Lifestyle Management Consultant and a Disease Prevention Specialist who teaches people how to be the Healthiest Person ON the Planet and not the Wealthiest Person IN the Grave with a focus on Nutrition and a basic Philosophy, “If you want to be Tough you have to Eat Good Stuff” so you can get Older and Better and not Old and Bitter!

You definitely don't want to be sick for a number of reasons. First of all people don't HIRE sick people. People don't want to BE AROUND sick people. People don't want to MARRY sick people. People don't use sick people as ROLE MODELS. People just PITY sick people. Being sick is really quite a lonely venture. It's your moral duty to be well as you are of absolutely no use to anyone when you are sick and are definitely a drain on all your loved ones.

As a result of coming to these 1 ½ day Six 90-Minute “Live Event's”, you will:

  • Walk away with a Turnkey Method of a Health/Nutrition/Wellness Plan that will guarantee your success with your most prized possession = YOUR HEALTH as without our Health, NOTHING else matters!
  • Master What to Eat during your Daily Schedule to Increase your Performance and Decrease your Downtime – Both of which Affect the Bottom Line.
    • Conquer Acid Reflux once and for all
    • Totally Eliminate Indigestion within minutes
    • Wipe Out Heartburn FOREVER = Right Now = GUARANTEED

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  • Get Calmer; Stronger; Richer; Cooler; Tougher, Smarter & Instant Confidence.
  • Discover Secrets of Celebrities and Athletes for Incredible Health, Increased Energy and a Youthful, Slim Body
  • Reduce Aches & Pains; Lower Cholesterol; Slow the Aging Process and Promote Awesome Health
  • Have Amazing Energy = wake up in the morning ready to go & you rarely feel ups & downs in your energy during the day

Even the scientific community recognizes the importance of health ...Dr. Samuel Johnson, M.D. says; "to be healthy is a religious & moral duty...it's the basis of all social virtues....we can no longer be of use to our fellow man when we are sick."

  • How to Get Fit, Stay Healthy and have Great Looks for Life
  • Develop ways to Blow Off Stress to feel your Absolute Best.
  • Cherish keeping the Fun in the Living. Too many of us find we Live over Half of our Life learning How to Live It. Shorten the Learning Curve.

"Never give up your Health in your quest for Wealth as you WILL spend all that Wealth to regain your Health. And when you die, your brother in law gets to Drive your Car.....Bummer!" Wayne Pickering

  • Relish refreshing sound sleep once again.
  • Reduce the sign of the aging process. Have you ever entered a beauty contest and nobody won? Feel and look your best from now on!
  • Remember, “Things just don't happen, they happen justly!” OUR GOAL is to make sure you Get to the Top and Stay There with Your Health!
  • You WILL Learn How to Get Well then Stay Well for Life with no Pills, Potions or Lotions! Truly “A NEW START” on Life!
  • Develop ways to Blow Off Stress to feel your Absolute Best.

“No matter how much we Acquire
Or fulfill our every Desire
What good is all that Wealth,
When you have lost your Health
And have to suffer until you Expire?”

My Clients have made dramatic improvements in their health when nothing else worked.

"Your Program is absolutely wonderful! We participated after my husband was hospitalized for what he thought was a Heart Attack, which turned out to be Esophagus Reflux caused by poor Food Combining. When I told her that all my husband had before he was rushed to the hospital was a smoothie made with 20 different fruits (ok maybe 6 or 7 including bananas), she talked to us about Food Combining and gave us your program.

Your Program has changed our lives! It's packed with great information, light hearted humor and fun stuff! I now teach others about proper food combining and other wellness related topics. I always use your chart in my seminars, workshops and classes and look for a long-lasting relationship on this path of wellness. You are a blessing!"

Akanke Rasheed, Atlanta, GA

     There's nothing to support the notion that we are here in this world to be Sick, Fat, Miserable or Broke. We are here to have abundance and to make a lasting difference. Learn how to get well once and for all, while understanding that we are in total charge of our health. There's a difference between trauma and disease. We are in total charge of Disease. You'll understand the Causes, Reasons, Types and Evolution of Disease while improving yourself to excellence.

     You'll also discover the 9 easy, convenient things we should do everyday to stay well sailing through life without all those bothersome diseases that are plaguing us day in and day out.

And I've had so many people in my audiences tell me, "Come on Dr. Wayne, we have to die from something.” My response to that is, "No we don't, we don't have to die of anything, we can just die. I realize we're all on the Road to Death, I just don't see the need to Jump in the Passing Lane.”

"I truly believe that if there is a 'Bible for Health' your Program is it. I have never felt better in my life. My mind is sharper & clearer and I'm never unnecessarily fatigued. Thank you for helping to say good bye to many years of poor health and malnutrition, and for keeping it so simple and logical!"

Michael J. Hedrich, Palatine, CA

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Here is exactly what you will learn
during these Six 90-Minute Live Events

“Explore Good Health the Natural Way”


Friday 6 PM = Registration


Event #1 6:30 – 8:00 PM = “INTRODUCTION” is where you will discover:

  1. What Health is NOT
  2. What Health truly IS!
  3. What Doctor's Aren't Telling You
  4. 20 Tips to help Prevent Medical Errors
  5. 6 Things to Consider about your Health for the Long Haul
  6. Health Care in the Work Place
  7. The Best DEFINITION of Disease
  8. The BENEFITS, REASONS and CAUSES of Disease
  9. The 2 TYPES of Disease
  10. The 6 STAGES of Disease so you'll know that Disease is to be Revered NOT to be Feared
  11. Healing Disease verses Curing Disease
  12. “The Germ Theory” Exposed


8:00 -8:30 PM = BREAK


Event #2 8:30 – 10:00 PM = "GETTING WELL" is where you will discover:

  1. Alternative Health Treatments That Work
  2. The Power of your Inner Magic.
  3. How to RID your Body of Disease once and for all
  4. Guidelines on "Doing Nothing Intelligently"
  5. How to Finally Eliminate the Expensive Pills, Potions and Lotions
  6. Tips to Boost your Immunity & to Feel Tremendous once again

PLUS = “ATTITUDE” is where you will discover

  1. How the Right Attitude will Dramatically Increase the Quality of your Life and Decrease the Quantity of Disease in your Life
  2. Stress Management, Laughter and Positive Attitude!
  3. That we never have to be sick no matter what age we are
  4. We can either get Older and Better or Old and Bitter
  5. Healthy People don't have a Great Attitude because they're Healthy; they're Healthy because they have a Great Attitude.
  6. You are the Masterpiece of your Life through your Thoughts
  7. What you Think About and Thank About, you Bring About!
  8. Adverse thinking probably affects a person's health and shortens life more than any other factor. Our thinking affects the chemistry of the blood for good or bad. The mind and body are one and the same and both must have good health for us to feel whole and live normal lives. If we are Not Happy, all the Exercise and Good Eating Habits in the World will not make us Healthy.


Saturday 8:30 AM = Registration


Event #3 9:00 – 10:30 AM = “NUTRITION” is where you will discover:

  1. Timeless SECRETS on how to Eat More … Weigh Less … Sleep Better … Be Energized and Feel Terrific in 27 days, GUARANTEED!
  2. The best Definition of Nutrition in a nutshell?
  3. The Real Truth about Micro Waving
  4. Does Nutrition HEAL?
  5. All about SUPPLEMENTS
  6. Why all the hype about Glycemic Index
  7. What you need to know about the Acid/Alkaline Balance in your body to free you of disease
  8. What about Food Combining
  9. Learn about Seasonal Foods and the Health Benefits of the Color of Food
  10. What makes this information so much better than all the rest of what's being sold on the market today?
  11. What can you expect when you change your diet?


10:30 -11:00 AM = BREAK


Event #4 11:00 – 12:30 PM = “EXERCISE” is where you will discover:

  1. Fitness that's Fun. Fast and FREE
  2. The King of Fitness that almost everyone can do for their stress levels to Help Eliminate Stress, Fatigue and Depression
  3. What the Mother can do each day or the Business Man who is tied up in meetings most of the day or the Person who is On The Road a lot i.e. Sales Person, Speaker, etc. can do to promote happiness in their life as they Lose Weight while Building Lean Muscle Mass and Reversing the Ravages of Aging all at once.

Also Learn how to

  1. Stay Motivated with your Exercise/Fitness Program
  2. How to Gain Ground Against Cancer through Fitness
  3. The 5 best Moves to perform before any workout
  4. The 5 biggest Lies about fitness
  5. The biggest Benefits of your Fitness Program
  6. The best Places to Exercise
  7. What to Wear during your Fitness Program
  8. Dr. Wayne's 10-Minute Fitness Program


12:30 -2:00 PM = BREAK for LUNCH


Event #5 2:00 – 3:30 PM = "WATER" is where you will discover

  1. The best kind of Water to drink
  2. When to drink it and How much is enough
  3. What to drink when you are flying in an Airplane and how much
  4. All about good Well Water and Spring Water?
  5. All about pure, clean Rain Water…is it?
  6. If Bottled Water is all that good for you?
  7. How secure are Water Filters…are they really safe?
  8. How about Boiling Water?
  9. What the American Journal of Public Health say about Chlorinated Water?
  10. The Truth about Mineral Water?
  11. What kind of water do most physicians recommend those who have kidney stones?
  12. If Distilled Water causes Mineral Loss?

PLUS = “SUNSHINE” where you will discover

  1. The Best Times to be in the Sun
  2. How Much Sun is Good For You?
  3. What does the Sun do for your Skin?
  4. What to Eat & Drink to Stay Hydrated in the Sun.
  5. What's the Best Source of Natural Sunscreens?
  6. The Real Truth about Skin Cancer because of the Sun
  7. The Affects of Sunlight on Disease.
  8. The Best Sources of Vitamin D
  9. The Main Benefits of Sunbathing
  10. When are Sunscreens really Necessary?

PLUS = “TENACITY” is where you will discover

  1. Why you can give in and you can give out but you can't give up?
  2. How to stay motivated to be healthy through all the odds
  3. Why it's a MUST to Bother about your Health

PLUS = “AIR” is where you will discover

  1. How to Feel like a Million Dollars all over again.
  2. How to Quit Smoking! The Price Smokers Pay to Play!
  3. How to Insure Yourself of the Cleanest Air Possible
  4. Best Technique of getting the most Air into your Body to where it's Orgasmic.
  5. Tips on how to get it while you Sleep and why it's so important at that time of day!


3:30 -4:00 PM = BREAK for LUNCH


Event #6 4:00 – 5:30 PM = “REST” is where you will discover

  1. What happens when you don't get the right amount of sleep?
  2. The difference between Rest and Sleep
  3. Naps in the Workplace
  4. How much Rest/Sleep do you need?
  5. General Rules about Sleeping
  6. The type of Bedding, Pillows and Mattresses to use
  7. The best Time to take Naps?
  8. Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

PLUS = "TEMPERANCE" is where you will discover

  1. How Temperance and Balance/Moderation plays such a vital role in our Staying Well for Life.
  2. How do we complete all we need to do throughout the day?
  3. How to Keep Everything in Focus so we don't Lose Sight of Everything.
  4. How to find time to Balance all the various aspects in your life such as Family, Business, Leisure and Your Health?

PLUS = “CLOSING” is where you will discover

  1. A Daily Plan to be 100% TOTALLY FREE of all Aches, Pains, Stress and Disease while summarizing all the other Events into one daily session. “Putting it all Together!”
  2. The 3 Characteristics of the Human Body
  3. Several things that make you age needlessly
  4. How to S.I.N.G. your way through life with your health
  5. 4 Things in Life You Will NEVER Buy

Remember, growing old doesn't make us sick, it's growing sick that makes us old! So never let Age be your Cage!

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“Is the Money you Earn worth the Price you Pay?”

Try to remember that we never have to pay the price for health, it's free. Just enjoy the benefits. Being healthy is a reward...not a punishment. Disease care is just that. They care about disease! Wouldn't you at a couple Trillion Dollars a year?

Total Value of these Six 90-Minute “Live Events” is
$1297.00 but of course, that is not your cost


PLUS 2 BONUS SESSIONS valued at $450.00 = FREE

Bonus Session #1 = “COMBINE WHEN YOU DINE”

     Learn the 3 Commandments to eating and the 3 foods to avoid at all cost so you'll never be bothered with indigestion ever again. Discover why so many people have said GOOD BYE to: Allergies, Digestive Problems, Ulcers, Heartburn, Weight Problems, Diarrhea, Low-Blood Sugar, Sinus Trouble, Stomach Pains, GAS, Constipation, etc. and have welcomed New Found Energy, Vitality, and a Keen Zest for Life once again!

"I have to thank you for your Program and your Passion for Health. It has certainly impacted my life and is now a preference rather than a sacrifice. I want to order your program for my boyfriend in San Francisco. I am going to get my Grandmother on your program. She has had open-heart surgery and I know this will help her. You certainly are an inspiration."

Adele Uddo, Beverly Hills, CA

"Thanks to you and your Program, I have Boundless Energy for a 63 year old."

Beatrice Kelly, Richmond Hill, GA


Bonus Session #2 = "IS YOUR DIET A RIOT?"

     You haven't failed at dieting, dieting has failed you. Diet is a 4-letter word and when you walk away from this session you will have eliminated, once and for all, the mass confusion about what's for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Your clothes will fit better; your sex life will improve dramatically; you will have healthier looking skin; less nervous tension; and will be your best guarantee of living to a healthy ripe-old age free of diet related diseases.

     How to enjoy the healthiest FAST FOOD while you eliminate the mass confusion about what's for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner forever, savoring hassle-free eating as it should be! When you feel good, you do good!

Specifically you will learn:

  • HOW TO BUILD PHYSICAL STAMINA with a nutritional, low hassle approach to cope with business days and long business luncheons. Find out which foods “zip” you with physical energy and which foods “zap” the energy you need to keep you on your feet all day long.

"For years now I have suffered from stomach pains. At the age of 10 I was told I had an ulcer. I always tried to eat good food – all to no avail. Now that I have discovered your program, I feel like a $$million dollars! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Sheree McMullen, St. Peters, PA

"'The Perfect Diet' is terrific! I have lost 88 lbs. In less than a year and I continue to eat as much as I want! Thank you a thousand times over."

Debbie Pappas, Ormond Beach FL

"'My mother who has had cancer for many years is responding very well to "The Perfect Diet Program" which she has adopted almost 2 years ago. I believe it has helped to keep her pain free and to slow down the progress of the disease."

Lisa Hagelthorn, Charlotte, NC


But Wait, there's Still More

At the Door each Paid Participant will also receive

  1. A Seminar Workbook valued @ $24.95!
  2. Refreshments
  3. Door Prizes
  4. The opportunity to interact with one another (Networking)
  5. Twelve Full Months of Tele-Seminars valued @ $240.00 which is a series of seminars over the phone and everyone on there will be from all over the world.  You will be sitting in the comfort of your home or your office.  And when you register for the Tele-Seminar, you will receive a bridge line number that you will call and will connect you to the Tele-Seminar! The normal cost is $20.00 for each Tele-Seminar hour and the cost of your long distance call.  But with this yearly pass, you only pay for your long distance call
  6. Free Admission to all our Seminars (not including the Boot Camps and Fundraisers) for 12 full months as Dr. Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering's guest anywhere in North America.  You will receive a SEMINAR PASS valued @ $495.00
  7. 8 Week Audio Mini Course on how to Beat Stress with Fitness and Food valued @ $97.00
  8. our weekly "Fast, Easy Healthy Recipes; Articles; Fitness Tips; Stress Management; Sleep Secrets & Guides to LIVING BETTER" Newsletter valued @ $52.00
  9. 2 Special Reports
    1. The "SAD Truth about High Protein Diets" Special Report valued @ $37.00
    2. The "3 Foods to Avoid + 3 Commandments of Eating" Special Report valued @ $37.00
  10. a 10-part Video Series on EATING valued @ $97.00 This Video Series will definitely change the way you think about what you eat without a shadow of doubt and WILL have you on the edge of your seat.
  11. E-book titled, "The Secret Assassins in Food - The Ninjas of Taste" valued @ $37.00

The TOTAL Value of these Special Gifts for each Paid Participant is $1116.95

Here's an incredibly Fast Action Bonus Offer

  • Sign up 45 days before the “Live Event” and receive the entire Set of Audio Recordings of the “Live Event” FREE ($379 Value)
  • Sign up 30 days before the “Live Event” and pay only 20% of the $379.00 for the entire Set of Audio Recordings of the “Live Event” if you decide to make them a part of your listening library.
  • Sign up 20 days before the “Live Event” and pay only 40% of the $379.00 for the entire Set of Audio Recordings of the “Live Event” if you decide to make them a part of your listening library.
  • Sign up 10 days before the “Live Event” and pay only 60% of the $379.00 for the entire Set of Audio Recordings of the “Live Event” if you decide to make them a part of your listening library.
  • Sign up on the day of the “Live Event” and pay only 80% of the $379.00 for the entire Set of Audio Recordings of the “Live Event” if you decide to make them a part of your listening library.

Now I bet you are “wondering and worrying” about the price…..

Our clients usually pay over $20,000.00 for this amount of time and personal coaching but we have made this affordable for you.

Here's what each Paid Participant will receive at this “Live Event”



  • All Six 90-Minute “Live Events” valued at $1297.00 PLUS
  • 2 Bonus Sessions valued at $450.00 PLUS
  • Special Gifts at the door for each paid Participant is valued at $1116.95 PLUS
  • When you register early you'll also receive all the Audio Recordings of the Live Event totally free valued at $379.00.

The Total Value of all this is $3242.95 but we will be Audio Taping and Video Taping for DVD's to make it a part of Dr. Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering's Infomercial, and since we will be inconveniencing the audience by getting them to change their seats during the breaks for a different setting to enhance the DVD Recording, we will be only charging $197.00 (Spouses will enjoy a 50% discount).

Each Participant must sign a No-Fee Television Appearance Release Form.

In Addition, Professional Business Attire is Required. Each day will run about 90-minutes overtime as this will accommodate the breaks needed for lighting and television camera adjustments as well as Video Taping Participant's Testimonies.



Our Guarantee:

If you don't see some measurable results with your health in 27 days by following our tried and proven system, we'll guarantee your money back…no questions asked! You don't even need a story to tell us. No hassle, no fine print. Simple and straightforward as this, either you are thrilled with this “Live Event” or you get a refund! We are devoted to the goal of having only satisfied healthy people. So if you were not going to profit from our program then we really would like to know.

Now let us give you some amazing statistics: We have sold over a million dollars of all our publications and audio learning systems and consulting packages to just about every demographics we can possibly think of. This has happened as a result of our websites, speaking engagements, referrals from thousands of very satisfied customers as you've read in this message to you. The result is about a 95% success rate.

And people send us testimonial letters and success reports as well as subscribing to our weekly e-mail letters (E-Zines) and returned to our seminars time and time again. We can't help but think that that fact has to tell you a lot about the results YOU can expect from getting our “secrets” working for you! After all, why wouldn't anybody make additional investments in our programs if they weren't profiting tremendously from their First Investment!

**Over and above all this, we will provide an experience that will ignite a spark, which will improve some aspect of their lives. As past participants have indicated, when we accomplished this, the seminar fee was incidental!**



Bring 5 Paid Attendees and your Registration is FREE!

There are 3 ways to register:

ONE: you can call 1-866-Mangoman (626-4662) and use either your Master Card; VISA; American Express or Discover Card!

TWO: you can click on the “Sign Me Up Online” button towards the bottom of this site or anywhere you see “Sign Me Up Online” on the site anytime, 24 hours a days, 7 days a week using either your Master Card; VISA; American Express or Discover Card!

THREE: you can Send your Registration in by Mail, with your Personal or Company Check to:

The Center for Nutrition
1 Glowing Health Way
Box 26-3030
Daytona Beach, FL 32126-3030


A personal message from Wayne Pickering

Several years ago, after developing and teaching our System, we came to the realization that people did not want someone to tell them how to do it – the truth, whether we like it or not, is that people like to have it done for them! That's why our system has garnered such phenomenal acceptance – because, in it, we've turned implementation of our proven secrets into a near no-brainer. We've done 80% - 90% of all the work for you. This is a “system,” ready to go, ready to use that you can get very fast results from.

That's what permits us to give you such an incredible guarantee: This guarantee would bankrupt us if the overwhelming majority of people did not get increased health benefits after applying what they learned at our “Live Events”! We cheerfully dare other speakers and sellers of “How-to” information with this kind of guarantee, but we haven't found very many that will so far.

Now if you are still undecided, frankly, we're puzzled.
Why wouldn't you try this special Live Event?

We suppose if you are already as healthy as you can possibly be, then we guess we understand and we congratulate you. (Drop us a line, we like having healthy friends.)

Otherwise, why wouldn't you? We just don't get it. So, if you have some other legitimate reason for saying “no”, if you'll take the time to write us a note and tell us why, we'll personally pay you $5.00 CASH money, just for the research.

But why settle for just $5.00, as with our guarantee you cannot lose, it's impossible to lose here. You must benefit or get a refund, period, END OF STORY!

Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering, N.D., Sc.M.

PS Picture your kids really looking up to you for being so healthy. Your children will be proud of you. Ask yourself, “Will my kids and grandkids look to me for support or pity?” You will be able to spend all the time you want with your most loved and proud possessions, i.e. your kids and you'll see your grandkids grow up while you are totally free of Health Challenges. You will become an integral part of the WINNER'S CIRCLE you've always dreamed of.

This “Live Event” is going to be so groovy that we'll need tranquilizer darts shot into our necks just to keep from screaming about how great it'll be? The most home runs you hit at the “Live Event” will not be with a Baseball Bat. See you at “The Live Event”



Wayne 'The Mango Man' Pickering, N.D., Sc.M.
“The Ambassador for Health”



63 Years Young
“Award-winning Triathlete and Double nominee for The Healthy American Fitness Leader Award”

Who teaches people how to be the Healthiest Person ON the Planet and not the Wealthiest Person IN the Grave with a focus on Nutrition and a basic Philosophy, “If you want to be Tough you have to Eat Good Stuff” so you can get Older and Better and not Old and Bitter!



To get an overall picture of your health, you need to study it! How long did you own your home before you went up on the roof and said, "Wow, I didn't know this is how it looked. You have to see yourself as a whole, healthy, special, unique you!


I believe we are created in the image of Health & Happiness! And too many of us try to Increase our Standard of Living before we Increase the quality of Life! So when you invest in yourself by Making Health your First Concern and not your Last Resort, you'll always make an Excellent Investment.

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