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Fee Schedule $7,500.00 for up to 90 minutes and $2,500.00 for each additional hour or fraction thereof.
Deposits 50% of agreed fee required upon confirmation of the program(s).
Cancellation and Refund Clauses If the CLIENT cancels the engagement for any reason less than 60 days prior to the agreed upon date, the CLIENT will forfeit the deposit. Otherwise, The Center for Nutrition & LIfe Management, Inc. will gladly refund the deposit if we are able to re-book the date.
Travel Expenses All fees are as quoted, plus travel expenses. First class airfare will be booked by The Center for Nutrition & Life Management, Inc.. Travel and expenses will be invoiced after the program has been completed.
Accommodation Speaker's accommodation should be billed direct to your organization.
Support Materials Materials for participants will be invoiced as quoted, or a master handout can be provided for in-house duplication.
(e.g. Program Workbooks at $3.00 each)  All fees also include the opportunity to offer appropriate educational materials as part of my presentation in the back of the seminar room!
Audio and Video Recording Any non-profit distribution of the program within your organization is permitted, given that a master copy of such recording is supplied to, and approved by, the speaker. Profit-seeking distribution of any magnitude requires a separate written royalty agreement.
($0.50 per CD and $2.50 per DVD are industry standards.)
Books and Tapes Educational support materials can be made available if there is a written agreement to do so between The Center for Nutrition & LIfe Management, Inc. and your organization.
  1. Sorry, NO CODs
  2. No Accounts Receivable
  3. Master Card & Visa Cards, Money Orders, and Checks Accepted
  4. To process Credit Card orders, we need the Credit Card number, Expiration Date, Name (as on the card), and Phone Number
  5. No Shipping & Handling on all orders over $1000.00

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