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Testimonials: Individual Attendees
Here are some of the comments individual attendees have made about Dr. Wayne's Presentations
Leila Lammers
"Your seminar was a turning point in my life! I just know you are right and I will follow your teachings without compromise! "
Manetta Chittum
Winter Garden, FL
"Your seminar was simply fantastic and I certainly enjoyed every moment of it. You can't beat your style, humor, and teachings!"
Mrs. John Horton
Zephyrhills, FL
"We were at your seminar and enjoyed it very much! You are a great guy and I could have listened to you a lot longer. We bought 'The Perfect Diet Program' and like it very much! "
Florida Engineering Society
Daytona Beach, FL
"You did an outstanding job and kept us all entertained and interested I will recommend you to others and hope to hear you again real soon! "
Shriners Club
Ormond Beach, FL
"'I thank you so very much for coming to our meeting and giving such an excellent talk. We can see why you were voted 'Speaker of the Year' for the Toastmaster's Club. "
Natural Gardening & Nutrition Assocn.
Titusville, FL
"It was such a pleasure to hear you speak on 'THE PERFECT DIET' at our Natural Gardening & Nutrition Seminar in Titusville, Florida. You made it very clear that it is not only what you eat and in what form that is important, but also in what combination. Your delivery was lively. humorous, and easy to listen to. We could have listened to you all day. We liked you very much. "
Muriel Golde
T.O.P.S. -Take Off Pounds Sensibly
New Smyrna Beach, FL
"With all the dangerous, unbalanced diets around today, your simple, wholesome well-balanced meal plan is a breath of fresh air in the market place. Your lecture was an inspiration. "
Jeannie Sperry
Maitland, FL
"I have never spent a more enjoyable and informative day in my life! You have the charm, knowledge and wisdom that makes for a great seminar. "
Vicki Thompson
Orlando, FL
"I feel so very fortunate to have attended your seminar today. It was fantastic, super and great in every way."
Glenn's Medicine Chest
Allandale, FL
"Your program was voted for Continuing Education by the Florida Board of Pharmacy. It was very informative and gave pharmacists attending information which they could utilize in advising their diabetic patients"
Dr. Peter Kent
Life Extension Clinic
Orlando, FL
"It is an uplifting experience to hear a man like yourself whose disciplined, dedicated, single-minded purpose is getting people back to the basics of good food and good digestion. I would invite anyone to listen sensitively to your message. Your message is clear: eat simple, eat good food, digest it properly, enjoy good health! We have already begun receiving requests for your return."
Marguerite St. Amour
Health Coordinator
7th-Day Adventist Church
St. Augustine, FL
"Thank you for your kindness of coming to give your performance at our health seminar. You were terrific and oh so funny. You have quite a sense of humor with your messages. We look forward to your return."
National Health Federation
Monrovia, CA
"Thank you so very much for your recent lecture. Your presentation was not only Interesting & Informative, but your additional enthusiasm and energy displayed really allowed the subject to come alive with your audience. "
Roy Kupsinel, MD
Oveido, FL
"I enjoyed your presentation on 'The Perfect Diet'. It made for a quality meeting! "

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