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Testimonials: Insurance
Here are some of the great wins that people like you have had using Insurance
Michael A. Aun, FIC, LUTCF
General Agent

"I intentionally delayed writing to you about the presentation you did for my men last month so that I could have the opportunity to survey each to about your work and to see if the seeds you planted about good nutrition were growing. Frankly, I was a little taken aback at exactly how much you did accomplish with our men.

Ours is an industry fraught with stress and strain. The eating habits of life insurance professionals is poor at best. Your seminar helped us to understand ways of improving our diet and increasing our life span, which we as insurance professionals are already aware of. In fact, it's tough for us to speak to someone about protecting their loved ones when the messenger himself needs an overhaul. Your seminar not only got us thinking, but many of the men took action.

As a matter of fact, Jim Spinelli, one of our leading agents, and I went to a local store that specializes in good nutrition and lo and behold, right there on the wall was one of your plaques outlining your diet. I have to say "we were impressed" that your message precedes you.

Not only are you informative but you are very entertaining. Wayne, my sales force have heard the best speakers from across the world. They know how to separate the 'stuff' from the 'fluff 'I can tell you, they really appreciated your good stuff, including the great dishes you prepared before our eyes.

Wayne, if I can ever be a reference for you for any client, be assured that I will gladly sing your praise. It's speakers like you that make a difference. So many of the people we have heard in our industry have accomplished the great talent of "saying nothing well." My friend, you gave us hard data that will improve our lives significantly. Not only do we need to continue to properly feed our minds, but we must also learn to properly feed our bodies. Thanks for an excellent performance, We want to have you back!"

Lynn Hupp, CAE
Executive Director

"On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire membership of the Central Florida Association of Life Underwriters, we would like to extend our great appreciation to you for the excellent presentation you made at our October 26 membership meeting. Filling in with less than 24 hours notice for our regularly scheduled speaker was not only amazing on your part, but your quality of presentation left our attendees wanting more.

We very much appreciate your professionalism and willingness to speak at the last minute. Thank you for such a wonderful presentation and I do hope we will be working together in the very near future.


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