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Testimonials: Beauty and Fashion
Here are some of the great wins that people like you have had using Beauty and Fashion
Thomas Berger
Vice President
International Beauty Shows
Cleveland, OH
"You really know how to get an audience involved!"
Advanced Beauty Care Center,
New Smyrna Beach, FL
So exciting, the attendees are losing weight and feeling great within days!
You were a hit! We want you back. This was the missing link. Thanks for showing us the importance of not only what goes onto our bodies that count, but what goes into our bodies as well.
Salon Success Network
Carl Walters Hair Systems
Daytona Beach, FL
"You should have a regular TV Show - you were wonderful!!"
JH Enterprises
Professional Salon Specialists
Tampa, FL
"You're the Greatest, your level of professionalism is second to none!"
Geno Stampora
World Class Hair Dresser & Motivational Speaker
Purcelville, VA
"'Wow, the highlight of the show! Lost 10 lbs. I feel great and you're the reason why. Every Hairstylist deserves to spend time with Wayne. I've even quit smoking!"
Richard Gizzi, President
Volu-med International
Plymouth, MN
Thank you very much for your participation in our 2nd annual symposium as a opening general session keynote speaker!

Many of the attendees have echoed your philosophy on life: "Have fun and expect excellence" and without our health, what else really matters if you're not feeling that good to appreciate all you've worked for sacrificing your health to get it ?

I think your opening poem in your introduction was apropos:

"We give up our health in our quest for wealth
Just to spend the wealth to regain our health!"

And your poem to wind up your presentation really hit home:

"If you have enough fortitude
To develop an attitude
Of sincere gratitude
For your body's magnitude
You will have an aptitude
To reach a higher latitude
For an ultimate altitude!"

As a result of your performance, we're inviting you to be a part of our International Team as we realize that it's not only the onto that counts; but the into that really helps to make the difference. and you've made a believer of us as we see that you live and love your message.

But most importantly, you made us feel good about ourselves and helped us to realize we can do better. Your simple truths are refreshing in this world of biased confusing viewpoints when it comes to sound nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. so welcome aboard!

Joey Terracina
Vice Pres. & Director of Education
JH Enterprises
Tampa, FL


From the many hair dressers and cosmetologists who came to me and said how much they enjoyed your 3 workshops and keynote presentation on center stage warrants a return engagement.

Not only were you a hit, but you made me a hit for booking you. Thanks very much. I thought you'd like to have on record some of the many comments:

-"humorous and great content to take back to the work place to help keep the stress to a minimum and lots of energy for the day!"
-"this was the missing link we needed to show us the importance of not only what goes onto our bodies but what goes into our bodies as well. We would like to have Dr. Wayne back!"
-"So simple and logical!"
-"he stayed on schedule!"
-"we liked his handouts!"

I would like to discuss with you, when I return from this upcoming expo we're doing in Atlanta, GA, how we can work together again. And a special thanks for keeping within your time and improvising at the last minute on center stage, a mark of a real professional. Stay terrific!


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