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Testimonials: Management
Here are some of the great wins that people like you have had using Management
Charles Jenkins
Lockheed-Georgia Management Association
Marietta, Georgia

"Thank you for an outstanding speech given at the National Management Association Speaker Showcase. Your "healthy" message in "Your Diet's a Riot" was inspirational and motivational. Our members are grateful for your presentation and the chance to get to know you during the Chapter Management Conference held in Atlanta.

On behalf of the National Management Association and the Georgia Peach Council, thank you for a job well done.

We look forward to hearing you again in the future."

Isabel C. Valiente
Director of Programs
McDonnell-Douglas Management Association,
Titusville, FL

"On behalf of the McDonnell Douglas Management Association thank you for being the guest speaker for our monthly dinner meeting.

The presentation was wonderful. It was very interesting and informative. Your great enthusiasm and humor allowed us to learn about a serious subject, in a fun way. The feedback I received from our members was very positive. One member came up to me a couple of days after the program and said "I really thought this was going to be a lecture on dieting, but I learned so many new things about how my body works. I was pleasantly surprised with this program. Keep up the good work". It is comments like this that make all the hard work worth while. Thank you for making me a hit for booking you.

I would like to apologize for the problems, with the overhead projector, although I can honestly tell you that your presentation was a great success with or without the overhead.

Once again, thank you for sharing your time and experience with us."

Rick J. Hamilton, Director
Ocean Center
Daytona Beach, FL

"On behalf of the Ocean Center Staff and the International Association of Auditorium Managers, I would like to personally thank you for donating your time to speak at the IAAM District V Operations Seminar.

I feel this year's Operations Seminar was a huge success due to the fact that there were a variety of seminars, informative topics and #1 presenters!! Thanks to you, our attendees walked away from the sessions with new ideas and knowledge of how to make their jobs a little easier.

Thanks again for your part in making the 1993 Operations Seminar such a success!!"


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