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Testimonials: The Communication Industry
Here are some of the great wins that people like you have had using The Communication Industry
The National Speakers Association - Phoenix, AZ

"You were the right choice. Thanks for a superb job!"

American Society for Training and Development

"You were who we were looking for to show our members how to live more healthful so they could decrease their down-time due to obesity, lack of energy and sickness ... and to increase their performance which of course affects the bottom line - all of which are significant factors in a company's existence"

Florida Speakers Association
Miami, FL

"Your program was a winner. Not only were we treated to health giving diet information, but also were delighted by your humorous, and high-spirited delivery. The message you give to people is a life changing one, for your words stay with your audience long after your talk is through."

S. H. "Spud" Barrett
National Speakers Association
Florida Suncoast Chapter

"It has been said, "One candle can shed a ray light on an area of darkness where mankind exist." Your presentation to our Chapter was a beacon that flooded the area of the unknown with a floodlight of knowledge in this business of what we eat, when!

I enjoyed the relaxed manner of your presentation. The content was germane to our situation and very professionally presented. The members are still talking about you and quoting some of your statements. You made some "real" friends and acquired many devotees here in our Chapter.

At times, I was sure you were speaking directly to me because you kept describing most of the discomforts I experience with food. You ruined the way I eat. I now have to apply some Intelligence to what I eat because I can no longer plead ignorance. After experiencing your seminar, I, as well as many other attendees, now know better!

This is the first time I have heard you speak ... it will not be the last. We await your return next year for another infusion of truth about our health.

Thanks a million Wayne!"


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