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Testimonials: Government
Here are some of the great wins that people like you have had using Government
Developmental Services, Inc.

"We learned so many things from your educational, entertaining, fascinating and powerful presentation that will help us lead a healthier lifestyle! We were thrilled to have you!"

Georgia Department of Corrections
Atlanta, GA

"Great Content Humorous, and Motivational. You said in your initial letter to expect excellence and we got it ... thanks!"

Barbara Ann Cox CMP
Past President
SGMP National Board Secretary

"WOW!! Your keynote address at the 5th Annual Florida Capital Education Retreat was marvelous! Your excitement, your enthusiasm, your zest for your quest (I'm even imitating you - that's how impressive you are!) was wonderful. You definitely set the pace for the rest of the Retreat.

Throughout the Retreat I heard many attendees comment on your keynote with high praise. I think we all will look at what we put in our bodies ... but more important we will all think about our attitude about what we put in our bodies ... and our minds.

Thank you for being part of the most successfuI Retreat this Chapter has ever had.

Please come back!"

Holly Wilson, Training Coordinator
Division of Air Resources Management
Department of Environmental Protection

"Thank you very much for your participating in our General Session during our 1995 Annual Air Meeting.
Your presentation was very enlightening and entertaining. Several attendees came up to me afterwards to compliment me for inviting you and stated that they really enjoyed your presentation.

Thanks again for reminding us that our health is precious and without it nothing else really matters."

Janette Sheil, Sr USPO
Program Development Coordinator

"Thank you so much for your presentation to our U.S. Probation Clerks and Support Staff at their annual District Conference at Daytona Beach, Florida on September 24th. From the looks of the evaluations, you won the "Number One presenter of the conference" contest hands down!

You presented worthwhile information in an exciting, lively, and entertaining manner. There wasn't a dry eye in the house from all the laughing. Your nutritional wealth ideas were driven home with your quirky little sayings. I know because we talked about your presentation all the way home. Thanks again for a job well done. Good Luck to you.


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