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Testimonials: The Health Industry
Here are some of the great wins that people like you have had using The Health Industry
Dr. Sidi M. Lemnouni

"On behalf of the Flagler Volusia Chiropractic Society, I would like to thank you for the most wonderful and refreshing presentation on nutrition we have ever heard.

You were definitely a hit with all of us and we enjoyed your enthusiasm and your vitality.

Again, thanks and God bless."

Melbourne, FL

The response from all the physicians to your HUMOROUS, UPSPIRITED & WELL- DOCUMENTED presentation entitled, "The Marvels of Digestion - Combine When You Dine" February 16, 1991 at the Radisson Inn on International Drive in Orlando, Florida during my 3-day Homeopathic Workshop was most GRATIFYING.

Watching the physicians rush to the back of the room to buy your Health Guides in such abundance was convincing to me that they were not only WELL-INFORMED, but were CONFIDENT they had SOUND ADVICE to take back to their patients!

Thanks for making me a hit for booking you!

The evaluation sheets that were passed in at the end of your lecture commands a return performance. We anxiously await your return!"


"Thank you for your presentation "Is Your Diet A Riot?" at our annual Supervisor Summit. It was great fun and very useful and important information. Your energy and enthusiasm was very contagious, in fact a couple of people told me that they enjoyed the program so much that they went back for a second helping!

Overall the comments received from participants were very favorable with the written evaluations indicating that your workshop was the highest rated. We appreciate your commitment and dedication to helping others increase their performance and decrease their down time.

I will be happy to recommend you to my colleagues across the state. Again, thank you and hopefully we see you next year."


"I enjoyed very much your visit to my clinic and the knowledge you shared with those who attended your lecture.
It is an uplifting experience to hear a man like yourself whose disciplined, dedicated, single-minded purpose is getting people back to the basics of good food and good digestion. Most of us get used to less- than-optimal health and performance, and then we learn to live with all the problems that go along with that. We learn to justify our existence as being commensurate with our age. In truth, problems are not a function of age but are earned at any age. This is the simple truth that you carry to your listeners.

I would invite anyone to listen sensitively to your message. Our bodies have a remarkable capacity to resist disease when provided proper nutrients. Your statement is clear: eat simple; eat good food; digest it properly; enjoy good health.

It is my hope that you can fit into your schedule another time whereby my patients can attend another of your lectures; we have already begun receiving requests for your return."


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