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Health Presentation




(60-90 minutes) = SEMINAR and/or SPOUSE Program

“Eliminate Indigestion and Banish Your Belly!”

"YOU WERE TERRIFIC, WAYNE! The response from all the physicians to your HUMOROUS, UPSPIRITED & WELL-DOCUMENTED presentation entitled, "The Marvels of Digestion - Combine When You Dine" in Orlando, Florida during my 3-day Homeopathic Workshop was most GRATIFYING.

Watching the physicians rush to the back of the room to buy your Health Guides in such abundance was convincing to me that they were not only WELL-INFORMED, but were CONFIDENT they had SOUND ADVICE to take back to their patients!

Thanks for making me a hit for booking you!

The evaluation sheets that were passed in at the end of your lecture commands a return performance. We anxiously await your return!"

   Bio Active Nutritional, Inc
   Melbourne, FL

--- Ever wonder why some foods EXPLODE in your stomach…
--- Would you like to feel young again with renewed Energy…
--- Just dying to have relief from Heartburn…

  • Discover the 3 Commandments of Eating.
  • Enjoy a Continuing Process To Decrease Body Fat so you can Lose Pounds and Keep 'Em Off
  • Eat Smart, Be Fit, Stay Well and Live in Abundance.
  • Easily Lose Weight, Build Muscle and Reverse Aging
  • How to have TONS of Energy
  • Find out how to spell relief real fast.
  • Learn what happens to food as we eat ... a humorous journey through the digestive tract, learning each class of food, and what takes place during digestion so no one can ever fool you again about how to eat once and for all.
"I just wanted to let you know that since I attended your seminar in Toronto and have been following your Program; in less than 45 days I have lost 16 lbs. and have been able to keep my blood sugar level below 120 no matter what time of the day I check it. Since I am diabetic your system has been a real "life saver" for me. Thanks a million."

   Kleist Rhodes
   Raleigh, NC

"Are you serving Dinner, or is Dinner serving you?"


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