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Health Presentation




(60-90 minutes) = SEMINAR and/or SPOUSE Program

"For every minute you are angry with someone
you lose 60 seconds of happiness that you can never get back"

“One of our most negative members said “it was the best program I have ever attended” and that is saying a lot since we have had speakers like F. Lee Bailey, Norman Vincent Peale and Robin Leach! I would highly recommend you to any organization that wants a program filled with fun, education, high energy and most importantly 'walk away value'. We want you back!”

   The Prudential Florida Realty
   Clearwater, FL

  • 3 tricks to keep Stress at a distance
  • 3 ways to Manage Stress once it's got you.
  • How to strengthen your body using Stress as a productive force in your life
  • Discover how Nutrition can Free You of Stress and Disease
  • How to get Rest when you're Stressed to go from Stressed to Zest

“The rest of our days depends on the rest of our nights!
No person is so sick as the person who is sick on their day off!”

  • How to enhance your immune system to reduce heart disease & cancer. "Stress & poor Nutrition are a perfect formula for disease"
  • Learn how to balance your life so you can feel energized instead of victimized
  • Realize the 3 Healthy Things to do to be FREE of Stress that leads to burnout.
  • Discover the 3 Foods to Avoid to CONTROL Stress
  • Discover how to maintain high, positive morale throughout the year while at the same time avoiding symptoms of burnout.

“Carrying grudges is heavy lifting.”

  • Determine how to be more relaxed, accomplish more under pressure, feel excited about every aspect of your life, and enjoy a more well-balanced lifestyle.
“It's speakers like you who make a difference. I was taken aback at exactly how much you did accomplish with our men. Thanks for your excellent, entertaining performance, we want you back!”

   Knights of Columbus Insurance
   New Haven, CT

“Never give up your health
in your quest for wealth
as you WILL spend the wealth
to regain your health!”


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