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Health Presentation




(60-90 minutes) = SEMINAR and/or SPOUSE Program

“Recommit to get fit! Be Fit while you Sit!
We use up the earth's natural resources by using them up,
we use up our body's natural resources by not using them up!”

"You were who we were looking for to show our members how to live more healthful so they could decrease their down-time due to obesity, lack of energy and sickness ... and to increase their performance which, of course, affects the bottom line - all of which are significant factors in a company's existence"

   American Society for Training and Development
   Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Enjoy this commonsense, easy, fun approach to being fit no matter what the circumstances are; where you are at the time; what physical condition you find yourself in; what time of day it is; or even the weather conditions.
  • If exercise is to make us feel better, then why do we do it to where we feel miserable?
  • Discover How to Play the Game of Life as a winner with 8 easy moves. You can't play this Game of Life to win; you only win it when you play it! And then you live it better and love it longer! Play it to make a difference and you truly win it!
  • Discover Dr. Wayne's 10-minute Fitness Program for Professionals where you'll discover:
    • 10 things to remember about your fitness program
    • Learn the best place to exercise and what to wear.
    • The 2 kinds of fitness
    • The 3 motions of your muscular system and the 4 sections of your program to have a balanced routine so that every time you exercise you will look forward to each day of fitness so that when you don't do it, you will REALLY miss it.
    • Enjoy 7 exercises when you are sitting
"Your program was a winner. Not only were we treated to health giving diet & fitness information, but also were delighted by your humorous, and high-spirited delivery. The message you give to people is a life changing one, for your words stay with your audience long after your talk is through."

   Florida Speakers Association
   Miami, FL

“Don't let age be your cage! You can Exercise and Live Longer.”


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