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Wealth Presentation


“The GRASS IS GREENER and this IS the Other Side!”


(60-90 minutes) = KEYNOTE

“The Best thing you can do for the Poor is not be one of them!”

"UNBELIEVABLE! Why is this information not taught in business schools? This program gave me the insight I needed to make three times more money in my business! I would have paid at least $500 to get the kind of priceless information included in your program. Wayne, you are literally giving away knowledge that can create millionaires!"

   Michael Stahl, Prof. Speaker
   Orlando, FL

  1. Learn how to Prosper in a Slowing Economy with 3 easy Marketing Strategies and 3 ways to increase your business.
  2. How to get customers and keep them for the long haul. Tips on how to turn customers who balk into customers who buy!
  3. Learn the 4 kinds of Sales People knowing how to outsell your competition. Great Sales People Are The Economic Wheel Of Our Society.
  4. Discover the #1 Sizzle Selling Success System. Motivational and Inspiring. Never give people their money's worth…give them a bargain!
  5. Living in America - what a privilege and pleasure! We are the envy of billions of people on the planet. And the Spirit of America is UP! And whatever happened to the 'Good Ole Days'?
  • The 3 motions of your muscular system and the 4 sections of your program to have a balanced routine so that every time you exercise you will look forward to each day of fitness so that when you don't do it, you will REALLY miss it.
  • Enjoy 7 exercises when you are sitting
  •    Sales & Marketing Executives
       Miami Beach, FL

    “Never stumble over something that's behind you”


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